Karya Dasar Utama has introduced all hard wood, with a ribbed profile and a round edge to enable fast drainage and reduce the effects of movement caused by increased moisture content. A decking board and flooring is a superb way to enhance any home, garden or property.It is a natural product ,comfortable, attractive and adaptable to any kind of external environment.

The construction of a low level deck is a project well within the capability of most DIY decking enthusiasts but when building the deck it is important to choose your timber decking wisely. Wood used outdoors is exposed to the weather, metal fixings such as nails, screws, bolts and connectors need to be highly resistant to corrosion.

If the wrong type of metal fixings are used then this can result in corrosion. The consequences of corrosion are unsightly rust stains on exposed components and the possibility that key fixings may fail prematurely leaving the structure unsafe to use. Plan the design carefully and take your time.

Maintenance is important, make sure that the deck surface is kept clean by regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt, algae and dead leaves which could make the deck slippery in the wet. At least once a year - preferably at the end of spring- give decks a more thorough cleaning using a power spray or an appropriate cleaner to lift any stubborn stains.

Karya Dasar Utama using Timberguard either Clear or Teak oil to maintain the decking and should be applied at least every other year, but this depends on the radiation UV rays.

Ready Stok for size :

19 x 90 mm x 6-13 feet

15 x 95 mm x 6-13 feet

solid, kiln dried, anti slip, UV Coating. wood: hard wood (merbau, kumea, mahogany, teak, etch) MC 12% -8% Grade Europe Another size is welcome without hesitate